Freitag, 22. Juni 2018

Interreligiöse Aktivitäten: Dialogue Institute / Journal of Ecumenical Studies (USA) - Juni/Juli 2018

The Dialogue Institute/Journal of Ecumenical Studies in Philadelphia and the Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars would like to thank all of you for your ongoing support of our organization and the important work we do.

Founded more than 54+ years ago, we operate and support programs teaching the importance of religious pluralism, global ethics, and intercultural dialogue.

Once again, for the 5th consecutive year, we are hosting 16 foreign scholars in religious studies who will be traveling throughout the U.S. to learn more about our multi-culturalism and to teach us about their intercultural movements, trials, and successes.
As part of this diverse training program, we will be presenting
  3 public symposia in Arizona on June 25, Minnesota on July 2, and Philadelphia on July 6.

We have attached the flyers and public listing for each event and hope that you will attend. Each session will be unique in that different scholars will be presenting their current research.

We hope to see you there and we encourage you to support this effort in all the ways that you can. For further information about our work click

Our important work would not be possible without friends like you.

Thank you,
St. Paul

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