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August-Newsletter der Charter For Compassion

                 Charter for Compassion

 A New Charter for Compassion Sector is Off and Running

The Women and Girls sector launches on Wednesday, August 3, 7 am PDT
with a conference call to explain the "why,"how," and "what" of the work that has been done and will be forthcoming. Of course, the growth of this sector is in the hands of all who commit to it.
Register here to join in to learn more, commit to navigating the course of our involvement with the Charter and the success of our Compassionate Cities movement. Join the sector's lead, Sande Hart, the president of the Charter's Board of Director's, Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, Zareen Qureshi, executive director of Compassionate Pakistan and others. Tell your friends and colleagues, spread the word. In the words of Malala Yousafzai: "We cannnot succeed if half of us are held back."

Start Reading for the Charter's Next Global Read
The U.S motto is "E Pluribus Unam"--"out of many, one" - but you'd never know it now, says activist Mark Gerzon. The United States seems hopelessly divided. In the past, Americans could disagree without demonizing each other. But now healthy partisan debate has been replaced by brutal political brawling, where nothing but winning matters. Loyalty to party has replaced love of country. The solution, says Gerson, is to become transpartisan. This doesn't mean adopting a new set of political beliefs. "Transpartisan" is an adjective, not another "ism." You can be a transpartisan Democrat, a transpartisan Republican, or a transpartisan independent. It is about the how, not the what, a way of conducting politics and solving problems that is the opposite of the hyperpartisanship destroying our country.
Join in a presentation and discussion led by Mark Gerzon, author of The Reunited States of America. This should prove to be an interesting and important discussion for those from the US and the global community. Register now for the September 17, 9 am PDT call.

Welcome to New Partners and Schools
From Atlanta to Nairobi we are pleased to announce our new partner registrations for the week. By becoming a Partner of CCI, your group, organization or institution joins our "network of networks" to bring an awareness of compassion and compassionate action to everything we do as we do as we interact with other people and with our environment.
Each of the partners below has their own page on our website which includes a link back to their own work.  Learn more about each of them by clicking on their name.  You can learn a great deal more about our twelve sectors by visiting the Partner page on our website. Are you a member of a faith organization, business, educational institution or a healthcare or peace organization that isn't a partner to the Charter?  If so, please consider registering with the Charter.
Connecting and Nurturing the Heart of the Global Compassion Movement
Did you ever wonder what a typical work day is like with the Charter for Compassion? One thing certain is that we can say that there is no typical day.  During most days we are on the phone very early to participate in calls which most probably originate from Europe or Asia and then follow the clock through the US and then later in the day we might be involved in conference calls with our Asia and Pacific Healthcare hub in Hong Kong or with the Australian compassion campaign.  We continue work on revising the Islamophobic Guide, finding ways to promote the Green Charter or working with partners to explore ways of seeking funding to support our work. We are grateful for all of your contributions and hope you continue to donor to our work. 
Please consider donating to the Charter. 

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